Standard scientific research and essays impact factor

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Journal description; The Standard Scientific Research and Essay, SSRE is owned and published by Standard Research Journals. The mission. The following is a partial list of scientific journals. There are thousands of scientific journals in. by more or less than ten positions, chosen by their impact factors and other ratings. The International Journal of Robotics Research. International Institute For Research" Journals Master List. Journal Of Information Technology Impact 1098-139X. Standard Scientific Research and Essays.


Standard scientific research and essays impact factor:

Scientific Journal Impact Factor SJIF - SSRE is an Open Access, broad-based journal that publish the most exciting research with respect to the subjects of. This essay was orinally published in the Current Contents print editions June 20. In market research, the impact factor provides quantitative evidence for. In academic publishing, a scientific journal is a periodical publication intended to further the. In a scientific research or academic department it is usual for the. The standards that a journal uses to determine publication can vary widely. it will select for publication, and will also have the hhest impact factor. It is.


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Impact of impact factor in quantifying the quality of scientific research. Mehanathan. measure the standard of these journals. In 1927, the method of. project for Genetics Study Section in. 1961. essays/v7p515y1984 Scientific Research and Essays. January 2017 - Vol. 12 Num. 2. Recent Articles; Most Viewed Articles; Most Shared Articles.


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Standard scientific research and essays. Print. Permalink Copy. Publisher-s Viha ; Standard Research Journals. Country Kenya. The Standard Scientific Research and Essay, SSRE is owned and. Publisher Name, Standard Research Journals. Current year Impact Factor, 0.001.


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